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Its our birthday!


Wish us Happy Birthday the whole month of April.

We are 25 years old this month and you can send us birthday wishes by entering a contest to Win $500.00 cash and a birthday party with cheeseburgers and fries.
Just email us, or send us a “Knock-Knock Joke or funny story,” and you could be the winner. (Funny story should not exceed 500 words.)
We are happy and it is ‘FUN’ to be 25 years old and we want you to celebrate our birthday with us.


Email entries to  bossbusiness@actionnet.Net
Or  Post Office Box 456, Newport, Oregon.
All entries become the property of KPPT BOSS FM Radio.
All entries must be post marked by April 30, 2015, or emailed by April 30, 2015 12 midnight.
The winner will be determined by an AGPAL broadcasting official.
Winner will be announced on KPPT FM Radio between May 1, 2015 – May 15, 2015 and will be notified by telephone or mail as the winner.
IRS documents for prizes and income won in 2015 will be submitted appropriately. The birthday party will come in the form of a gift certificate and the party will be for 12 (twelve) individuals.
Must be 18 years or older to enter
Enter the 25th birthday contest here

First and Last
Happy 25th Birthday - Knock Knock Joke Entry!

Here at 100.7 BOSS FM, you will find many quality businesses that represent “The Best of the Best” that stand ready to provide you with a wide array of various goods and services.
That is why we now present the “Marketplace.” We know these businesses very well and you will find them to truly be the Best of the Best to work with on the Central Oregon Coast.

…and be sure to watch for special “BE OUR GUEST SPECIAL OFFERS”

Send us the details of your event or activity and we will include you in the new BOSS FM Events Calendar. You can even apply to have a 1/2 hour Live talk program on BOSS FM and K-CUP News/Talk. Just give us your information and include that you would like to have a 1/2 hour live talk program.
All our live talk programs are hosted by BOSS FM and K-CUP News/Talk radio hosts.

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