Blooming and Growing

Newport is growing the Port of Newport and South Beach, home of Rogue Ales, as it becomes a hub of many well known marine facilities as well as educational and research opportunities.

The central Oregon coast is one of the fastest growing areas of in the State of Oregon. As travelers cross over the famous Yaquina Bay Bridge, you immediately see the Port of Newport, where soon, Oregon State University will be creating more educational opportunities for the study of marine life, and will prepare students to learn about the many parts of our oceans, it’s abilities and resources. Our ocean is continually being studied and mapped for observing how it can create energy and maintain sea life together, as well as other uses for growing new commodities, products and even services.

OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, is heading toward our coastal communities to bring education to our children and adults about life, energy, our oceans, and the many sea creatures that live beneath the giant waves.  A facility will be built in South Beach behind Toby Murry Motors, to house students who can “stay over night.” The students will learn about and observe marine life and all the creatures that live within our oceans, and what energy sources we can find there.

The Port of Newport is also the home to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and of course the Marine Hatfield Science Center, that has resided in South Beach since 1965.

The U.S. Coast Guard is beginning to see just how important the Port of Newport is becoming and is determining ways to grow and represent their coastal activities in a more powerful and meaningful way. The Coast Guard has just begun to really see the options that are available. Just watch the U.S. Coast Guard in Newport grow by leaps and bounds. We are fortunate to have the United States Coast Guard as part of our marine facilities.

And of course we will always be famous for our commercial fishing boats and seafood delicacies.

Blooming and Growing, that is what the Port of Newport is doing, along with the City of Newport and Lincoln County.

Congratulations to our Lincoln County Commissioners who work diligently to keep Lincoln County growing and moving in a meaningful and positive direction.